where health and wellness

If we look at health I will be presenting a brief introduction about this module the Al no that health is very important and relevant in today’s contact this covid-19 pendant has made as realise that one should be aware about various aspects of Health and work towards healthy way of living this module focuses on the concept of Holistic health and welding health as formally known is much more than absence of disease and is also not restricted to only physical body it has many dimension such as social emotional and mental health

where health and wellness

and welding as a teachers be need to be aware of each of these diamonds for keeping self as well as our children healthy and future ready we should also be aware that it is the right of every child to be provided opportunities for all round growth and development to realize his potential waste material health and welding of children is of atoms important as it is cost effective and healed multiple benefits the childhood years are Foundation years for optimal physical and psychological growth and development of children in India be have 47 crore Children Come pricing 39% of the total population up to the age group of 18 years if we have to achieve the sustainable development stages of growth and development with a more focus on issues and concerns related to growing up this module will help you to enable children to clarified yoga Bean very important for Note only for physical but also for emotional and mental health and has also been a part of this module you will also realise the need of involving children in various physical activities games and sports for developing good postal and Holistic health you all away that Body Keeps itself fit when all systems and organs function properly along with regular physical activities and yogic practices eating healthy and nutritive and observing healthy life style is very necessary gender category and care has also been taken to be empowering children to know this strength and weaknesses and enabling them to Copa with emotional and mental issues is also the focus of this model anyone can face violence at different times in their life violence and abuses can be emotional sexual physical corporal punishment bowling etc violence in n challenge the violence in everyday life to help make safe surrounding for one cell as the less for other you have to encourage children to sit help and face with these challenges keeping quiet and not reporting violence may make metal ball importance of safe environment in school and outside school and has to help children to develop the ability to use internet and social media safety as a teacher to may have questions like do we need separate classes for health and wellbeing or it can be integrated in the content and Read the O.F. You also think how to develop various life skills related to health and wellbeing module progresses the pedagogical processes adopted in the module like a studies role plays videos etc are designed as participatory and experience continue study together and become health and Wellness Ambassador happy learning together

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