7 point to maintain your health

1.walking everyday

Walking is benefit to our body. it is essential to our age group peoples. A morning walk improves eyesight. walking refreshes the mind and thinking power increase. this makes the brain smart and agile. this removes the problems of fatigue. You can burn calories by walking. Burning calories can help with weight loss or maintenance. We should also walk in 30 min everyday.by walking our blood pleasure remain normal. it removes body fat. Walking keeps our mind healthy. By walking our muscles and come strong. By walking we do not find any disease

1.......walking everyday

2.Good health a good food with which you can maintain your health

  • The daily intake of a common man should be around 50 grams 75grams

Eat more green vegetable with which our body remains strong

Eating good food does not cause any disease

you should eat a lot of green things to keep your hearing health

By eating good food, our body grows and develops

food acts as pro to drive the body image topic.

water is very important for health.2/3 part of our body is water.

eating food strengthens our bones. food is very important to increase the height and strength of the child.

milk makes us healthy. milk is good sourc for

Good health a good food with which you can maintain your health

3. Exercising keeps our body cool. Strength is found in the body

Many diseases are removed in our body with exercise.

With exercise our body grow and develops.

we should do exercise daily.

 Exercising keeps our body cool. Strength is found in the body

4. we should sleep for 6 -7 hours every day

Sleeping is very important for our living life. By sleeping our mind feel clam. fresh the mind every day to feel better

Without a pillow, some people who sleep on their stomach may experience benefits, but not everyone should do so.

The lower back often feels pressured when a pillow is used by stomach sleepers. This is possible if it forces their head too far back, which causes their spine to arch.

5…….we should always be happy which improves our health

Every person should take care of his health so that he can get rid of any disease that comes his way.it is an effort to the people around you.we spend our time with our family you can share your joys and sorrows with them.

6 what is the yoga

yoga is very important for our body. Our body stays good while doing yoga if there is way in which the hidden layers of the human beings are developed. Doing yoga improves our health. It helps in construction power increase. Yogas adds on yours daily routines. Yoga is beneficial for health, immunity system, glowing skins, fights for disease keep body strong. yoga is good for us . Doing yoga would remove many of our diseases.7. what is the medication

what is meditation

Meditation is the practise of focusing on your breathing and connecting with your inner self. It results in mental clarity and stress and anxiety freedom. As a result, many problems in the modern world are resolved. With regular practise, a person can become emotionally stable and adopt a more grateful and compassionate outlook on life as opposed to one of complaints and rest, meditation makes us happy.

8. what is games

games is very important for us. Games is lot of fun and mind fresh. your health is very good with games. it makes to body strong and active. playing games sharpens our brain. Excretion of games also takes place in our bodes blood circulations. Playing games does not us sick. games gives power to us body. Games is very important for life